Roughcut 21: Jungle Village

Alison and Megan hole up in a village during a thunderstorm.

Chronologically, Roughcut #4 (Alison’s Bug Bites) would play in between the two parts of this video.  I slipped in a short edit of it to give a sense for how the morning progressed.

By the way, If you’re seeing this in Facebook and wondering where the videos actually are, the “Permalink” link below will take you to them.

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Roughcut 09: Naka Naka

Alison spots a (possibly) poisonous snake in the trees overhead.

Our guides thought that it may be a naka naka (coral snake) before getting a closer look.  Afterwards, Julio called it a fer-de-lance (yikes!).  For all I know, it could be a non-venenomous tree snake, but they sure did treat it with a healthy respect!

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